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I had a wonderful time at the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City MO. 

Pete Garfinkel Songwriter Folk Alliance

 “The world’s largest gathering of the folk music industry and community…”.  

I played six private showcases over four days and stayed up way too late listening to wonderful music from all over the globe!  

I had a blast catching up with artists that I see once or twice a year - swapping stories and sampling BBQ across KC!  

Already looking forward to next year's conference in Montreal, Canada.  

Pete Garfinkel songwriter Hillbilly Culture

Next stop Roskilde, Denmark for Nordic Folk Alliance…

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  • Writer's picturePete Garfinkel

Pete Garfinkel at Bluebird Cafe photo credit Tammy Lewis
Pete Garfinkel at Bluebird Cafe photo credit Tammy Lewis

It was an exciting night! Was I ready? Will it go ok? Well, it did, and I was overjoyed!

Hillbilly Culture Music Publishing at the Bluebird Cafe Pete Garfinkel

I had the great pleasure and honor to be invited by my music publishing house, Hillbilly Gold, (ASCAP) to perform an original song at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville along with their signed artists.

For years, I dreamed of sitting in that honored circle among seasoned songwriters sharing songs and the camaraderie with those present, and the spirits of those who came before.

The wonderfulness of being surrounded by an attentive audience there to listen, really listen, to the lyrics and stories taking life in the songs.

It was an exciting night!


Download and stream Pete's album What You Know including the song "Polly" he performed live at Bluebird here on Amazon Music -

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  • Writer's picturePete Garfinkel

Pete is excited to be performing at the upcoming NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) in several private showcases -

Nov 10 @ 10:25PM North of Nashville Private Showcase Room 228 hosted by Lucy Isabel & Stacy Antonel

Nov 11 @ 10:50PM - 11:30PM NERFA Showcase Room 424

Nov 11 @ 12AM HomeFolk Brownie Bash private showcase


Follow, Save and Stream Pete Garfinkel Music on your favorite music streaming service.

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