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Pete is a collaborator on the following releases:

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Texas Soul Album

release 2023 / 2024 - includes "New Normal" and "Mystery"  co-written by Pet Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams and recorded by Taylor Lewis

Appalachia Kid Album

released October 29, 2021 - includes "History," "Leaves No Scars," "Enemy," "Getting Clearer," "No One Left To Cry," "I Am Saved," and "Happy Song" co-written by Pet Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams.  

Appalachia Kid LP Art Amanda Colleen Wil

"Appalachia Kid" 

words and music Pete Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams released  December 2, 2020.

Appalachia Kid LP Art Amanda Colleen Wil

"Appalachia Kid" words and music Pete Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams is the title track of the forthcoming album. 


Stream anywhere - preorder for an exclusive album experience >>

"I Am Saved" 

words and music Pete Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams released  April 10, 2020.

For Your Consideration American Roots Mu
Radio Stations I Am Saved Gray BG.jpeg

Join me in recognizing all music creators who work #BehindTheRecord, an initiative to #GiveCredit where credit is due! These are the amazing people behind the single "I Am Saved," thank you all! Let's celebrate creators who work behind the scenes & bring music credits back. #WeAreMusic @RecordingAcademy

"I Need This" 

words and music Pete Garfinkel and Tracy Richardson released Dec 1, 2019.

Tracy Richardson Superwoman Blues Album
Press Pete Garfinkel Songwriter.jpg

"Not For Glory"

words and music Pete Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams released Nov 23, 2018

I Am Saved
Not For Glory
I Need This
Appalachia Kid

Songs of Substance

About Music

Songs of Substance™ draws on Pete’s experiences in the field as a medical social worker and takes the listener on a journey of what the world looks like through his eyes, a place of compassion, understanding and loving kindness where healing can happen.

Pete G Song of Substance Medicine or Foo
Medicine or Food

Topics:      Elderly, Poverty, Medicine, Hunger, Rural


Main Message:           Even though there are resources available, many rural elderly individuals are unwilling to accept “charity.” 


Their children may not even be aware of the desperate state of the day to day living conditions of their elderly relatives.

Medicine or Food
Pete G Songs of Substance TOUCH.jpg

Topics:    Medicine, Therapy, Touch


Main Message:           One of the growing problems across all populations is isolation and depression related to chronic loneliness. 


Sometimes the best medicine is a gentle pat on the hand or back, or even a hug when appropriate to show others we care about them.

Pete G Songs of Substance The Guitar Can
The Guitar Can

Topics:             Healthy self expression, depression, suicide, mental, emotional, music therapy


Main Message:    With so many individuals suffering from depression, it’s important to find a healthy form of self expression as a way to elevate one’s mood and prevent suicide and other self harming behaviors.

The Guitar Can
Pete G Songs of Substance Not For Glory.
Not for Glory

Topics:    Military, PTSD, Veterans, First Responders


Main Message:        Veterans and first responders often feel they can’t open up to family and friends about their experiences, because they do not want to burden them with knowledge of the horrors they have seen in the line of duty.


With the high rate of suicide among vets, it’s important to take a look at the mental and emotional health of not only our military service men and women, but also of their families. 

Not for Glory
Pete G Songs of Substance Pretty Polly.j
Pretty Polly

Topics:     Domestic abuse, Violence, Women, Battered, Self image


Main Message:          Individuals living in abusive relationships may feel marginalized, disrespected, and desperate.  They may not even allow themselves to acknowledge their feelings, keeping them trapped inside where they lead to depression, self loathing, or even self harm.

Pretty Polly
Pete G Songs of Substance These Five Thi
These Five Things

Topics:             Hospice, Dying, Compassion


Main Message:           The world looks very different through the eyes of individuals who are dying or have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. 


This song puts the listener in the position of someone who is slowly losing their faculties, and helps foster compassion and empathy for caregivers.

These Five Things
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