• Pete Garfinkel

Pete has been performing live again around the North Florida area with his new Beard resonator guitar, specifically the Beard Odyssey™ A Model.

He is loving how the resonator complements his sound and brings out the blues in his folk rock country hybrid tunes.

Catch him at the first Wednesday open mic at Satchel's Pizza in Gainesville, and Thursday, April 7 at Jammin' at Public and General for the North Central Florida Blues Society.

Be sure to follow Pete on his Bands In Town calendar to make sure you catch the next show.

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  • Pete Garfinkel

Announcing the official release of "Stand Alone" - the first digital single of Pete Garfinkel as a performing singer-songwriter.

Recorded at The 522 Studio in Nashville, Tennessee with collaborator Amanda Colleen Williams, the song "Stand Alone" is a message of strength for the holidays and throughout the year.

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  • Pete Garfinkel

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

“So, you think that you’re lonely…

If that doesn’t go straight to the heart, I don’t know what does.

A sudden sense of urgency, possibly danger and concern.

No matter what I might say about being independent and not relying on others, I’m a social person.

A lifetime of joys and pains, “Ya, I’ve been there myself."

But there is real comfort stored up in our hearts.

Memories of the sweet days and sweet ways of being there for each other. “We do not stand alone”.


Get the single here:

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