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Available now for streaming and download everywhere -

"WHAT YOU KNOW" album by Pete Garfinkel Music.

"It's a mystical invitation to a story ride through the mind of a former medical social worker."

"What You Know" is the debut EP album release from singer-songwriter Pete Garfinkel.

Track list:

  1. What You Know

  2. The Guitar Can

  3. Polly

  4. Long Road To Nashville

  5. Getting Clearer

  6. Stand Alone

Stream and download the album from your favorite online music store.

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  • Writer's picturePete Garfinkel

Pete had a great time visiting Austin, Texas performing at South West Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) September 20 - 25, 2022.

Here are a few photos of his adventures around town with fellow folk musicians -


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What You Know is now available for pre-order and save on digital music retailers: iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify.

Select your favorite music service or save Pete Garfinkel artist page to all your streaming platforms.

Thanks in advance to everyone for pre-ordering the mp3 album on Amazon, and for sharing with your friends and family -

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