• Pete Garfinkel

Serving God and Country. Why do they do it?

They make a sacrifice - sometimes it can be the ultimate sacrifice.

When they begin that path – is it family, is it history, is it patriotism?

How do we recognize them? How do we honor them?

What makes them rise up to meet these challenges?

“They don’t mind the pain if you don’t mind the scars.”

This song is a dedication from us to all that serve those here at home and abroad – military, civilian, medical and support staff – the unsung heroes.

Here’s “Not For Glory” words and music Pete Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams performed by Taylor Lewis.

  • Pete Garfinkel

Now they have to choose…

Too many elderly people face hard choices in their retirement years based on their limited financial means.

Tragically, some end up having to sacrificing on their most basic resource needs which may include their medicines or even food.

Many vulnerable elderly people are reluctant to ask for help and might fear being seen as a burden to family and friends.

This is a complex problem with no easy solutions though there are opportunities to find specific resource assistance in our communities.


State and County based Social Services agencies Senior Centers County Health Departments Community Food Banks

Each community offers a number of potential assistance services which may be a benefit to people in need.

I encourage all people to make contact with your local agencies to learn what resources might be available.

Songs of Substance Project

Before becoming a songwriter I worked as a medical social worker and would visit “homebound” people where they lived to assess needs and provide resource planning assistance.

These experiences have led me to create this project in hope that it would help shed light on issues not often discussed outside of the helping professions.

To listen to the song, “Medicine or Food”

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  • Pete Garfinkel

Pete Garfinkel is a songwriter on the single "I Am Saved" recorded by collaborator Amanda Colleen Williams.

Join me in recognizing all music creators who work #BehindTheRecord, an initiative to #GiveCredit where credit is due! These are the amazing people behind the single I Am Saved, thank you all! Let's celebrate creators who work behind the scenes & bring music credits back. #WeAreMusic @RecordingAcademy

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