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Pete Garfinkel Stand Alone Single Cover.jpeg
"there's a whole host of ghosts that surround and make me strong... I do not stand alone."
Release details:

Songwriters:  Pete Garfinkel  and Amanda Colleen Williams

Publishers: Hillbilly Gold (ASCAP) / Hillbilly Royalty (ASCAP) Administered by Bluewater Music Services Corp.

Label: Pete Garfinkel Music


UPC: 196513125108


Release date: Nov. 26, 2021


ISRC: QZTHU2100001


Timing: 02:48



Stand Alone

EPK Media Assets

Stand Alone is a song about resilience and healing through the grieving process after the loss of a loved one.
Please click "Get Single" in the top left corner of the player to download the WAV audio for radio airplay.  Thank you for spinning the song.

For licensing contact Bluewater Music Services here  or call (615) 327-0808.

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