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Written remotely with Nashville songwriter and publisher Amanda Colleen Williams (I Can Be Me With You Garth Brooks) during the pandemic, the album shines a light on the human condition in a time of isolation, following the long tradition of folk music of championing political and social causes.
Release details:

Songwriters:  Pete Garfinkel  and Amanda Colleen Williams

Publishers: Hillbilly Gold (ASCAP) / Hillbilly Royalty (ASCAP) Administered by Bluewater Music Services Corp.

Label: Pete Garfinkel Music


UPC: 197146868431


Release date: October 14, 2022

Track list:
  1. What You Know

  2. The Guitar Can

  3. Polly

  4. Long Road To Nashville

  5. Getting Clearer

  6. Stand Alone

  1. QZTHU2200007

  2. QZTHU2200008

  3. QZTHU2200009

  4. QZTHU2200010

  5. QZTHU2200011

  6. QZTHU2100001

What You Know

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What You Know is the debut EP release by singer-songwriter Pete Garfinkel, former medical social worker residing in Gainesville, Florida U.S.A.
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